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   Method Books & Equipment  


  • Most often use band book (advanced students may require supplemental books/resources)

  • MetroTuner: $15-$25 (one time purchase)

  • Music Stand: $10-$20 (one time purchase)

  • Brass Instrument Berp: $16-$20 (one time purchase, brass only)

  • 1 month initial commitment

  • Most often use band book. Occasional supplemental books needed. 



  • Weighted piano/keyboard with damper pedal

  • Schedule a trial lesson for book recommendations

  • Metronome: $15-$25 (one time purchase)

  • 4 week minimum commitment

  • Piano Books: $30-45, depending on level



There are an exuberant amount of book sets one can use to teach piano. What we have learned teaching is none of them have all the ingredients needed to educationally feed a student. We believe all students deserve the best, so we use the best texts from various method sets and combine them. In today's global society, we also believe it is essential musicians are diversified. Studying from various method texts assures various musical perspectives and styles being taught. This is invaluable for a developing musician.

During a trial lesson book recommendations will be made. Age, previous musical experiences, and future goals all play a role in the recommendation. You have the choice of purchasing the books yourself, or purchasing them through the studio. Books are available online or local music stores. 

Piano Method book sets we most often pull from:



Faber Piano Adventure

Succeeding at the Piano

Dozen a Day



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