Things to know:

  • Scheduling is first come, first serve. 

  • 2 make-up policy for Fall & Spring semester. 1 make up policy for summer. 

  • Weekly email & text schedule confirmations  

  • We understand kids get busy: Short term scheduled bi-weekly lessons are okay. However, in general, weekly lessons are best for student learning.  

  • There is usually 5 -10 minutes scheduled before and after each lesson. This is for transition and communicating with parents and cleaning purposes. 

Schedule a Trial Lesson:
A trial lesson is an opportunity to meet a new student and assess their needs. It is also an opportunity for the student or parents to be sure the teacher is a good fit. After a trial lesson method books and duration of lesson recommendation will be made.

2022 Spring Semester: Jan 18 - June 4

2022 Summer Semester:  June 6th -  August 21st

2022 Fall Semester: August 22nd - January 15th 2023

2023 Winter Semester: 

No Lessons or charges on these 2022/2023 dates:

April 4th - 10th: Spring Break 2022

May 28th - 30th: Memorial Weekend 2022

July 2nd - 4th: 4th July Weekend 2022

Sept 3rd  - 5th: Labor Day Weekend 2022

November 24th - 27th: Thanksgiving Break 2022

December 19th - Jan 1st 2023: Christmas Break 2023

2022 Spring Recital: Saturday, June 4th, 2022

Each student prepares 2 -3 pieces to perform. At least one piece is chosen for them, the others they often pick. The goal is a balance of 'serious' piano repertoire and fun! Siblings most often also perform a duet. 



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