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3 Reasons Your Child Should Take Music Lessons at Swank Music Studio

1. We will help teach your child how to Focus,  Persevere, Work Hard, Develop Grit, Be Prepared, Set Goals, Gain Confidence, Gain Self-esteem, and Prepare for Public Performances.

2. We believe in a holistic approach to teaching that will connect to concepts that will be learned at school, or already being learned in school. Our goal is  This enhances overall development in Speech, Reading, Writing, Listening, Creativity, and Musicianship. 

3. We have a keen awareness of the musical offering for children in West Michigan and believe piano, specifically, to be the vehicle in which students can begin preparing for future opportunities.

We believe the study of music is integral for the developing brain. For younger students the study of piano is most often the means in which to lay a firm foundation for future endeavors. West Michigan has the finest music programs in the state and there are many opportunities for students as they get older. Having piano experience will not only raise confidence, but enhance the learning experience if a student decides to join band, choir, or orchestra.  Students with piano experience often become leaders in the music classroom, an invaluable experience. For students who show high aptitude and interest in piano there are higher level opportunities available. 


Although the adult brain is no longer hard wired to learn new concepts as quickly, the learning process for an adult is no different than a child; it just takes longer sometimes. The study of music is known to enhance brain function, coordination, and finger dexterity. We believe the study of music will also bring joy to your life.

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